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Same Words, Different Worlds

Do Roman Catholics and Evangelicals Believe the Same Gospel?

Leonardo De Chirico

160 pages
SPCK Group

Do Evangelical Protestants and Roman Catholics share a common orthodoxy, as promoted by initiatives such as Evangelicals and Catholics Together? Or do the profound differences between Evangelical and Catholic theology and how they view the doctrines of Christ, the Church and salvation mean they actually hold to very different gospels?

Same Words, Different Worlds explores whether Evangelicals and Catholics have the same gospel if they have core commitments that contradict. It lays out how the words used to understand the gospel are the same but differ drastically in their underlying theology.

With keen insight, Leonardo de Chirico looks at various aspects of Roman Catholic theology - including Mary, the intercession of the saints, purgatory and papal infallibility - from an Evangelical perspective to argue that theological framework of Roman Catholicism is not faithful to the biblical gospel. Only by understanding the real differences can genuine dialogue flourish.

Same Words, Different Worlds will deepen your understanding of the differences between Evangelical and Catholic theology, and how the Reformation is not over in the church today.

Author Bio
Leonardo De Chirico (Author)
Leonardo De Chirico is pastor of the Church Breccia di Roma and lecturer in historical theology at the Istituto di Formazione Evangelica e Documentazione in Padova, Italy. He earned degrees in History (University of Bologna), Theology (ETCW, Bridgend, Wales) and Bioethics (University of Padova). His PhD is from King's College (London) and was published as' Evangelical Theological Perspectives on Post-Vatican II Roman Catholicism' (Bern-Oxford: Peter Lang 2003). He directs the Reformanda Initiative, cohosts it's podcast, and is author of several books, including A Christian's Pocket Guide to the Papacy, Same Words, Different Worlds. Do Roman Catholics and Evangelicals Believe the Same Gospel?, and Engaging with Thomas Aquinas: An Evangelical Approach. He blogs on Vatican and Roman Catholic issues from an evangelical perspective at Vatican Files.