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God's Treasured Possession

Walk in the footsteps of Moses

Terry Virgo

160 pages
SPCK Group

Do you know how God sees you?

Moses is a key character in the unfolding narrative of God's Kingdom. A foundational leader of God's people in the Old Testament, he's held up throughout the New Testament as a man of God, in spite of his flaws. Yet Moses didn't always believe what God said about him.

In this biblically balanced book, Terry Virgo invites us to walk in the footsteps of Moses so that, by faith, we can be ready for whatever life brings.

Author Bio
Terry Virgo ===========

Terry Virgo is based at Kings Church Kingston, London, UK and is the founder of Newfrontiers, a worldwide family of churches together on a mission to establish the kingdom of God by restoring the church, making disciples, training leaders and planting churches. He and his team serve nearly 700 churches across 60 countries .

A well-known Bible teacher, Terryspeaks at conferences internationally and hosts the annual Together ona Mission conference in the UK, which draws thousands of delegates fromaround the world.

Terry has written several books, including The SpiritFilled Church, God's Lavish Grace, God Knows You're Human, The Tide isTurning and No Well-Worn Paths which is his biography.