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The Odyssey

With Illustrations After John Flaxman

Homer George Davidson Alexander Pope George Davidson Alexander Pope

384 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

The timeless themes of the Odyssey - survival, courage, loyalty and hospitality - have resonated with readers through the ages and is continually retold.

Features illustrations derived from John Flaxman's famous neoclassical illustrations.

A collector's edition in its own stylish slipcase.

Author Bio

Homer is reputed to be the author of both the Odyssey and its prequel, the Iliad. Although no biographical details have been discovered, he is believed to have been an historical figure whose poems were transmitted in song, following the Ancient Greek oral tradition.

Alexander Pope was one of the greatest English poets of the 18th century. His translation of the Odyssey remains a classic interpretation of this masterpiece.

Dr Emma Woolerton
read Classics at Cambridge and currently teaches Classics and Ancient History at Durham University. She has written for the Guardian on Ancient Roman poet Lucretius and has featured on BBC Radio 4's Science Stories discussing Ancient philosophy.