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The Modern Witch's Journal

Bring Positive Magic into Your Life

128 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
The modern witch is able to tap into intuitive wisdom and cast practical spells while at the same time being loyal, considerate, a good listener, a lover of nature and open-minded. This unique journal will help you to develop these qualities - and more - on a magical journey. It provides tools and techniques to improve your life, from learning about amulets, candles, crystals, pentacles, chalices and altars, to basic spellcasting and seasonal festivals and rituals. There is space throughout the journal for filling in your own thoughts, experiences, spells and milestones, and you can dip into it at any point along the way. Whether you want to learn to meditate, discover the meaning of different colours, or cast spells to give you courage or make new friends, this journal will inspire you to find out more about witchcraft and put your learning into practice.
Author Bio
Wendy Hobson is a highly experienced writer and editor who has worked for prestigious publishers such as BBC Books, Macmillan Education, Oxford University Press and Cassell. Her areas of expertise include mind, body and spirit; cookery; gardening and the arts. Her previous titles include The Bullet-Point Life Planner and The Power of Angels.