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Women in Water

How To Support Everyone’s Contribution

72 pages
IWA Publishing
Sometimes critical information reaches us most clearly through stories told by individual voices. In this book, women working in the water industry across the globe discuss their challenges and lessons learned in relation to opportunities and advancement, disrespectful behavior, self-confidence, age, work-life balance, and mentoring. Their individual experiences reflect ways in which beliefs and practices relating to gender can limit the contributions of women. While these recurring patterns can be correctly identified as gender equity issues, equity is not the only issue at stake. Given the severity of the water supply, water quality, and climate challenges before us, everyone’s best contributions will be needed to protect water, our communities, and the planet. Limitations we set on ourselves and others based on gender reduce our ability to utilize fully the human talent required to address our basic survival needs. The voices of the water industry professionals who contributed to this book from across the globe provide useful guidance on how we can optimize everyone’s contribution.