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Digitalising Water: Sharing Singapore's Experience

90 pages
IWA Publishing
This book provides an overview of the digital tools available in the market as well as the impact of digitalisation on the water sector by sharing Singapore’s experiences. PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, unveiled its SMART PUB Roadmap in 2018 to digitalise Singapore’s entire water system to improve the utility’s operational excellence and meet the nation’s future needs. This book shares PUB’s digitalisation drive, highlights the deliberations behind its decisions, showcases its projects, and underlines the infrastructural, cybersecurity and human elements in digitalisation that other water utilities need to consider in crafting their own path forward. To guide the digitalisation efforts, PUB has come up with four major goals: • to create value for the utility through new capabilities, • more efficient operations, • a better work environment, and • improved customer service. With these goals, PUB has been able to focus their research and investments, plan their digitalisation journey in greater detail, and consider more deeply how to collect and use data in innovative ways.