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Algal Technologies for Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery

Raul Muñoz Hardy Temmink Anthony M. Verschoor Peter van der Steen

250 pages
IWA Publishing
of high rate algal ponds as a result of process intensification. Anaerobic digestion devoted to biogas production continues to be the preferred strategy for the energy valorisation of the algal biomass, co-digestion with multiple high C/N ratio substrates gathering significant attention over the past years. The potential of algal biomass as a biosorbent for heavy metal removal (Cu, Ni, F) maintains its share in the research field of water bioremediation, while research on nutrient removal has focused on providing new insights on the mechanism of nitrogen and phosphorus removal from wastewater in algal–bacterial systems. Finally, it is worth noticing that breakthroughs in complementary fields of research such as nanotechnology or lighting technology are gradually being implemented in algal biotechnology, with new products such as nanoparticles for water disinfection or photobioreactors illuminated by low intensity LED panels. In Focus – a book series that showcases the latest accomplishments in water research. Each book focuses on a specialist area with papers from top experts in the field. It aims to be a vehicle for in-depth understanding and inspire further conversations in the sector.