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Nazi Women of the Third Reich

Serving the Swastika

Paul Roland

256 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
Hitler had declared: 'National Socialism will be an exclusively male revolution', while his cynical spin doctor Goebbels attempted to justify the exclusion of women from politics and public life by declaring that they were being denied an active role in the administration so that their 'essential dignity be restored'. Nevertheless, German women were active participants in the dictatorship, some proving to be as brutal and merciless as their male counterparts.
Author Bio
Paul Roland is the author of more than twenty books including recently Investigating the Unexplained, Crime Scenes, In the Minds of Murderers, The Complete Book of Ghosts, The Crimes of Jack the Ripper, The Nazis and the Occult, and Hauntings. He is currently researching a history of the Third Reich. Paul is a regular contributor to The Mail on Sunday, Kerrang and Total Film.