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Children's Encyclopedia of Animals

Michael Leach Meriel Lland

128 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Set off on an extraordinary guided tour of the animal kingdom, from the high-flying realm of the birds to the mysterious twilight world of deep-sea creatures.

This comprehensive visual encyclopedia brings together cutting-edge knowledge and awe-inspiring ideas with clarity and accuracy. The wonders of nature spring to life, thanks to exceptional wildlife photography.

Accessible, entertaining, and authoritative, this comprehensive visual encyclopedia is the perfect introduction to the world of animals for children aged eight and above.

Author Bio

Dr Michael Leach is a wildlife author and photographer. He spent six years as a cameraman for TV wildlife documentaries. Michael now concentrates on writing books and has studied wildlife on all seven continents. Although enthusiastic about all species, he is particularly keen on mountain gorillas, having worked with them extensively in Central Africa. He is a regular visiting author at schools around Europe.

Dr Meriel Lland is Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is a writer, photographer and artist with a fascination for the stories we tell of the natural world. She has traveled widely but has a special love of the Arctic landscape and wildlife of the extreme north.