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Gluten Free

Recipes & Preparation

Angela Litzinger

224 pages
Flame Tree Publishing Ltd
If you're gluten intolerant or just following a gluten-free diet, you'll be delighted with our selection of varied and delicious recipes. From family breakfasts to quick lunches and elaborate evening entertainments there are plenty of gluten-free ideas for all your needs. Why not try the Spicy Salmon with Beetroot, Feta & Wild Rice, or Griddled Leeks & Goat's Cheese? How about Crusted aubergines & Peppers with Pilaf? From soups to cakes, salads to bakes, there’s plenty here to inspire you in this gluten-free, pain-free extravaganza.
Author Bio
Angela Litzinger is an expert in gluten- and dairy-free recipe development and living. When not puttering around the kitchen, hanging out with her husband and three kids (or the flock of sassy chickens in the back yard), she teaches food preservation and allergen-free cooking classes, contributes articles and recipes to numerous publications, and speaks to local and national organizations about the gluten-free diet and other important allergy issues. Angela documents her family’s allergen-free journey on angelaskitchen.com.