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The 50 States of America

The People, The Places, The History: Slip-case Edition

Tim Glynne-Jones

160 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
The 50 States plus Washington DC that make up the USA all play their own unique part in the history and character of the nation. This book is an educational guide and stunning collectible that teaches readers young and old alike about America’s rich and varied history, geography and culture, and the people and places that stand out. This edition is a beautiful keepsake commemorative edition with silk binding in a protective slipcase. In colorful, clearly laid-out pages are lists of, facts about the population, the climate, the industry and the historical and physical landmarks of each US state. Text includes information on the Native Americans, settlers, pioneers and politicians; as well as complete information on the physical features, including the mountains and deserts, the rivers and canyons; read about the great events, the natural disasters and popular movements. Cultural history is included, with the writers, actors, singers and scientists who helped to make America great listed in their respective states.

The 50 States of America makes a wonderful library addition to a patriotic reader's collection, serves as a wonderful multi-generational reading experience, and more.
Author Bio
Tim Glynne-Jones is a writer living in Reigate, Surrey. He was born in Malaya in 1965 where his dad was working as a teacher, but returned a year later to a country celebrating winning the World Cup. His books include The Book of Numbers, The Book of Words, The Daredevil Book for Golfers, Born in the 30s/40s/50s/60s/70s and A Game of Two Halves: Football Yesterday and Today.