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Picture Puzzles

Jess Bradley

96 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
It’s time to get puzzling!This vibrant and charming puzzle book is packed with entertaining new takes on classic puzzles, loveable cartoon illustrations, and an irrepressible sense of fun. It’s perfect for boys and girls aged 6+.Kids will be drawn in by Jess Bradley’s loveable, cheeky and humorous illustration style. Includes classic puzzles kids already know and love such as spot the difference, mazes, picture sudoku, as well as exciting new games they'll soon be hooked on. The puzzles are themed in a way that will appeal to both boys and girls, in an illustration style that works perfectly for everything from pirates to pixies. Estimated 1500 words.
Author Bio
Jess Bradley is a Bristol-based illustrator, specialising in creating cute and crazy characters. Her recent clients include Carlton Books, Top That and Zeta Comics.