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The Essence of Jesus

Arthur Rowe

240 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
Jesus of Nazareth, the Nazarene, Jesus Christ, the Christ, the Good Shepherd, the Redeemer or the Deliverer? To this day, the identity of Jesus remains an unfathomable mystery for non-believers and a glorious open book of hope for the devout. Who really was this figure and why are his life and sermons so pivitol to the core of Christianity, the religion founded in his name and in honour of his sacrifice to humankind? The essence of Jesus tackles such fascinating subject matter in ground-breaking form, turning ot sources as diverse as the Bible, iconic art, Church reformers, religious ritual, as well as other religions, leaders and holy texts, in order to offer a well rounded discussion about the power of Jesus' word and his legacy
Author Bio
Cambridge History and Theology graduate. Senior lecturer at Spurgeon's College teaching New Testament and World Religions.