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The Story of Maps

Anne Rooney

192 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
The story of maps marks the progress of the human race as men and women moved from purely local concerns to exploring the wider world about them. This book is full of wonderful pictorial maps which go right up to modern times, including the Mappa Mundi (c.1285) from Hereford Cathedral, a medieval European map of the world with Jerusalem at its centre, and the Tempus Orbis Terrarum, created in Antwerp by Abraham Ortelius for what is recognized as the first modern atlas.
Author Bio
Anne Rooney gained a degree and then a PhD in medieval literature from Trinity College, Cambridge. After a period of teaching medieval English and French literature at the universities of Cambridge and York, she left to pursue a career as a freelance writer. She has written many books for adults and children on a variety of subjects, including literature and history. She lives in Cambridge. She has written many books on science and technology, and was long-listed for the prestigious Aventis Science Prize in 2004.'