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Keswick Yearbook 2014

Searching For Reality In A Confusing World

Elizabeth McQuoid

SPCK Group

We have more access to knowledge than ever before but, paradoxically, we are still searching for truth – for a way to make sense of our questions. The questions don't stop when we become Christians, and so the 2014 Keswick Convention addressed the theme: Really? Searching for Reality in a Confusing World.

During the three weeks of Convention we looked at the truth the gospel offers, how the Bible addresses the big questions of life, and how we can grow as disciples in an uncertain world.

This Year Book includes a selection of talks given during the 2014 Convention: Bible teaching from Roger Carswell, Ian Coffey, Jonathan Lamb, Ruth Padilla de Borst, Becky Manley Pippert, Ivor Poobalan, Vaughan Roberts, David Robertson and Chris Sinkinson to help ground your faith in the life-transforming reality found in Jesus.