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Preaching Matters

Encountering The Living God

Jonathan Lamb

192 pages
SPCK Group

Preaching matters. It is a God-ordained means of encountering Christ. This is happening all around the world. The author knows this only too well. He recalls:
- the student who, on hearing a sermon about new life in Christ, found faith which changed his life and future forever
- the couple facing the trauma of the wife's terminal illness who discovered that Christ was all they needed, following a sermon on Habakkuk
When the Bible is faithfully and relevantly explained, it transforms hearts, understandings and attitudes, and, most of all, draws us into a living relationship with God through Christ.
This is a book to ignite our passion for preaching, whether we preach every week or have no idea how to put a sermon together. It will encourage every listener to participate in the dynamic event of God's Word speaking to his people through his Holy Spirit.
God's Word is dynamite; little wonder that its effects are often dynamic.
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