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Incredible Human Body in a Book

12 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
A truly extraordinary interactive look at the miracle of the human body. Designed to take the reader on a fascinating step-by-step journey of discovery, each spread focuses on a part of the body. It provides a visually rich and clearly described explanation of the vital processes, such as circulation, the nervous system, and the organs. Uniquely, a pocket in each spread also provides the component parts to construct the appropriate section of a detailed model of the human skeleton with internal organs in place. This original and superbly engineered book offers the whole family a great way to understand how our bodies work.
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The Arcturus Publishing in-house team has created a hugely imaginative and innovative range of titles for children aged five and up. From pop-ups and paper engineering, to board books and books plus, these fresh and original formats combine innovative concepts and exciting visual content to delight you and adult readers alike.