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Would you like to know? Collection

The Complete Collection

Tim Dowley Eira Reeves Eira Reeves

168 pages
SPCK Group
Six small volumes offering answers to children's big questions about God, the Bible, prayer, Jesus, Christmas, and Easter, collected together in a little slipcase. Illustrated with charming pictures of families and children, this collection makes a wonderful gift or award.
Author Bio
Dr Tim Dowley is a historian and a prolific author and editor of Bible resources for adults and children. He holds a bachelor's degree in History and a doctorate in Church History, both from the University of Manchester, England. He has written a number of children's stories and books onbiblical subjects and the history of Christianity, as well as works onmusic and literature. Tim has traveled extensively, particularly in Israel, Turkey and other biblical lands. He lives in South London with his wife and family.