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Microbiological Sensors for the Drinking Water Industry

Bo Højris Torben Lund Skovhus

300 pages
IWA Publishing
This most up-to date book addresses the interdisciplinary area of drinking water quality monitoring by microbiological sensors. It is edited and written by leading water professionals and experts, and binds together interests and competences within sensing technology, system behavior, business needs, legislation, education, data handling, and intelligent response algorithms. The book contains chapters on: - the history of water monitoring and early sensors - the current landscape of microbiological sensors and different measuring concepts - needs from the water industry - detailed description of several state-of-the-art sensor technologies - water industry case stories with operator experience - examples of on-line data collection and data handling - microbiological sensors applied in education and industry workshops - regulator aspects of introducing microbiological sensors It is the hope that the book will be widely used by water utility managers, technical staff working with drinking water safety, educators in the field of water quality and regulators in this field worldwide. Furthermore, that it will help bridge the gaps between these diverse and otherwise differently oriented water professionals.