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Development of Predictive Tools for Membrane Ageing

Pierre LeClech

196 pages
IWA Publishing
This study increases our current understanding on the degradation/ageing mechanisms occurring on porous membranes used in the water and wastewater industries. Accelerated membrane degradation was obtained through both static and consecutive ageing protocols on the pilot-scale, and a range of carefully selected characterisation and analytical techniques was used to characterise the nascent changes faced by the membrane material. 

The report covers four interrelated sections: 
  • Critical assessment of characterisation techniques
  • Static accelerated ageing 
  • Consecutive accelerated ageing 
  • Consecutive ageing of industrially-aged membranes. 
This final report summarises the aims, objectives, outcomes and limitations of the individual work packages, along with some recommendations for future work. 

This book is co-published with Water Research Australia.