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Generic Management Plan for Nitrosamines in Drinking Water

Gayle Newcombe Jim Morran Julie Culbert Con Kapralos

18 pages
IWA Publishing
Available as eBook only.   

The purpose of the Generic Management Plan for Nitrosamines in Drinking Water is to provide background information on the group of organic contaminants known as nitrosamines, as well as help water quality managers and treatment plant managers and operators in three main aspects of nitrosamine management, namely: 
  • To identify the risks associated with their systems regarding potential nitrosamine contamination 
  • To implement monitoring procedures to quantify the risk 
  • To implement operational measures to offset the risks.   
This is a companion document to the Guidance manual for the minimisation of nitrosamines in drinking and recycled water. The latest edition of the guidelines has been published and a guideline value of 100 ng/L for NDMA has since been promulgated. A comprehensive survey of drinking water systems in Australia undertaken as part of project 1018 showed that the majority have levels of NDMA well below the guideline value. It also helped clarify and validate the risks and supported the suggested mitigation measures outlined in this document that can be applied for the production of drinking water that continuously complies with the guidelines.   

This ebook is co-published with Water Research Australia.