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Federal Rivers

Dustin E. Garrick George R. M. Anderson Daniel Connell Jamie Pittock

384 pages
IWA Publishing
This ground-breaking book provides a comparative perspective on water and federalism across multiple countries. Through a collection of case studies, this book explores the water management experiences and lessons learned in ten federal countries and China. The territorial division of power in federations, plus the interconnected politics at the national and regional levels, present a classic governance test for waters shared across multiple political jurisdictions. This is increasingly important as democratic transitions have introduced or invigorated federalism across diverse contexts affecting more than 300 major river basins, including over half of the world's international rivers. 

Federal Rivers provides a critical analysis of the impact of borders and divided governance on large rivers in federal political systems. The OECD has identified the global water crisis as one of governance and policy fragmentation. Population and economic growth, climatic variability and change, and the diffusion of political power have intensified competition across sectors and regions over water. This is particularly pronounced across upstream and downstream jurisdictions at the local, state, national and international levels. Federal Rivers explores this issue by examining both the successes and failures of federal regimes in resolving water conflicts and achieving sustainable water management, particularly within river basins. 

This book appeals not only to scholars of resource management and of federalism, but also to practitioners in government, the private sector and international networks with interests in water policy and federalism. 

This title is Co-Published with Edward Elgar 

Authors: Dustin E. Garrick,McMaster University, Canada, George R.M. Anderson, New York University, US, Daniel Connell, Australian National University and Jamie Pittock, Australian National University