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Management Practice for Drinking Water Pipelines

Synthesis Report

Sunil K. Sinha

180 pages
IWA Publishing
This report presents state-of-the-art literature and current practice review of management practices for drinking water pipelines. These practices focus on the pipe condition evaluation and prediction, risk analysis, and renewal prioritization. 

In the background part, this report first introduced the basic concept, framework, and core questions of asset management. The linkage between this research focus and the asset management core questions were introduced. The basic concepts and algorithms of the models were described. The state-of-the-art literature review and current practice review is the core of this research and both focus on the application of the management practice in evaluating and predicting the pipe condition, analyzing the risk, and prioritizing the renewal activities. 

This report also presents the standard data structure for management practices in these three focused areas. With this data structure, future data mining from utilities can be used to enrich the management practice both from literature review and current practice review in the focused areas in this research. This research summarized the management practices and also put forward recommendations for future research. The findings of this report will provide guidance for utilities in managing their pipelines regarding the evaluation and prediction, risk analysis, and renewal prioritization for drinking water pipelines.