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Phosphorus in Environmental Technology

E. Valsami-Jones

680 pages
IWA Publishing
Phosphorus in Environmental Technology: Principles and Applications, provides a definitive and detailed presentation of state-of-the-art knowledge on the environmental behaviour of phosphorus and its applications to the treatment of waters and soils. Special attention is given to phosphorus removal for recovery technologies, a concept that has emerged over the past 5-6 years. The book features an all-encompassing approach: the fundamental science of phosphorus (chemistry, geochemistry, mineralogy, biology), key aspects of its environmental behaviour and mobility, industrial applications (treatment, removal, recovery) and the principles behind such applications, novel biotechnologies and, importantly, it also addresses socio-economic issues which often influence implementation and the ultimate success of any new technology.  A detailed subject index helps the reader to find their way through the different scientific and technological aspects covered, making it an invaluable reference work for students, professionals and consultants dealing with phosphorus-related environmental technologies. State-of-the-art knowledge on the behaviour of phosphorus and its applications to environmental science and technology.         Covers all aspects of phosphorus in the environment, engineered and biological systems; an interdisciplinary text.