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Environmental Information in European Transboundary Water Management

Jos G. Timmerman Sindre Langaas

271 pages
IWA Publishing
Environmental Information in European Transboundary Water Management aims to examine the role of information in transboundary river basin and water management, and the way it is used (or not) in policy and decision and decision-making within the wider European area. While having forward-looking perspective justified by the ongoing implementation of the EU water Framework Directive among EU Member States and Candidates Countries, many of the chapters draw on the experiences gained from the past and existing transboundary river basin co-operation experiences. Chapters are organised according to a framework that shows the sharing of water resources to be based upon a foundation of integrated water resources management, supported by three pillars:  Politics - concerned with the enabling of sharing water resources, including the recognition of differences in riparian interests and international collaboration. Technical cooperation - concerned with concrete co-operation including exchange of information; tools and techniques to produce, use and disseminate information; joint research programmes; joint river basin plans; and joint ventures i.e. jointly performed water management actions. Legal-institutional - dealing with institutions and legal instruments that support the vision of fair and equitable sharing of international water resources; this pillar finds its basis in internationally laid down principles of cross border co-operation. Environmental Information in European Transboundary Water Management will appeal to professionals involved in the various aspects of transboundary river basin co-operation, both on strategic and operational levels, but also to the academic community concerned with the study of transboundary river basin or water management. It will also be an important source for graduate students in (transboundary) river basin management.