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Pond Treatment Technology

Andrew Shilton

496 pages
IWA Publishing
Pond treatment technology is used in tens of thousands of applications serving many millions of people across the globe - why? Simply because it is efficient and effective. While pond treatment technology offers relative simplicity in its application, it incorporates a host of complex and diverse mechanisms that work to treat and cleanse polluted waters before their return to our environment. This book offers a comprehensive review of the pond technology field including the newest ideas and latest findings. Topics covered include: The physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the pond environment;      A detailed review of pond treatment mechanisms and performance;      Comprehensive guidance on pond design, operation and upgrade options;      A range of chapters summarising new and emerging pond technologies;      The integration of ponds with wetlands and aquaculture systems and their use as storage reservoirs;      Special applications of pond technology in cold climates, for agricultural wastes and for treatment of stormwater. The objective of this book is to get this wealth of knowledge "out there" to the users to ensure the continuous improvement and ongoing success of this crucial technology.