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Minewater Treatment

Melanie Brown Bob Barley Harvey Wood

469 pages
IWA Publishing
Part of Groundwater Set - Buy all six books and save over 30% on buying separately!  Biffaward Winner 2002 The Clean Rivers Trust has fought off stiff competition to become the Research and Development - Technology Category winner at the Biffaward Awards 2002, with its project "Technology Analysis of Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Methods". Minewater Treatment - Technology, Application and Policy, was produced based on the findings of the research to aid in the selection, design and implementation of the most appropriate treatment techniques for particular minewater discharges. Much work has been carried out in recent decades concerning minewater treatment, both in the UK and worldwide. Many different bodies and organizations are involved in developing minewater treatment processes and schemes. Minewater Treatment addresses the need for a single source of state-of-the-art information that draws all the latest research material together.  Key features of the book include: a full literature review of minewater treatment throughout the world                                an overview of relevant legislation and policy in a global context                                a review of currently available methods for treating minewater worldwide                                 a site specific inventory of minewater treatment schemes within the UK, including compilation of available monitoring data and assessment of performance                                a review of emerging and innovative minewater treatment technologies and consideration of related academic research within the UK                               a comprehensive list of active and innovative minewater treatment technologies that are not currently compiled in a book or other review publication                                a detailed summary and recommendations section assessing the applicability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of minewater treatment schemes  Relevant scientific subject matter is presented in a concise, easily accessible manner to assist with the objective assessment of the progress made to date. Heavily illustrated with many colour photographs, the book allows best use to be made of the collective experience of minewater treatment practitioners throughout the UK, whilst at the same time placing the UK experience within a global context. An invaluable reference work for mining companies, consultants, planning officers, environmental research scientists, environmental agencies, water utilities and regulatory bodies, Minewater Treatment is a definitive source of information on minewater treatment technologies and will help facilitate the selection of the most appropriate technique required to tackle particular minewater discharge problems. Contents The minewater problem                       Treatment options                       Existing sites in the UK: Case studies                       Existing sites in the UK: Site summaries                       Summary & conclusions