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Institutional Governance and Regulation of Water Services

Michael J. Rouse

241 pages
IWA Publishing
New edition available September 2013  

Institutional Governance and Regulation of Water Services provides the key elements of policy, governance and regulation necessary for sustainable water and sanitation services. On policy matters, it covers important aspects of separation of policy and delivery, integrated planning, sustainable cost recovery, provisions for the poor, and transparency. Regulation and Regulatory Bodies are presented in their various forms, with discussion of why some form of independent scrutiny is essential for sustainability. There is a separate chapter on Drinking Water Quality Regulation including setting standards and discussion on how to incorporate managing risk in regulatory approaches. 

It is the first book to give a comprehensive review of the key elements of policy, governance and regulation for sustainable water services, based on experience from around the world. The focus is on what works and what does not, based on consideration of basic principles and on case studies in both developing and developed countries. Institutional Governance and Regulation of Water Services is an invaluable information source for national and local governments responsible for water policy, for water utility managers, and for students who will be the policy makers of tomorrow. It should also be of value to all those concerned with water policy matters in donor agencies and international banks as well as for academics involved in the teaching of water policy, governance and regulation. 

About the author: Michael Rouse is a Distinguished Research Associate at the University of Oxford and manages the Institutional Governance and Regulation module of the University’s MSc Course on Water Science, Policy and Management. He was formerly Head of the Drinking Water Inspectorate in London and has extensive knowledge and experience of water governance and regulation, including all aspects of audit and enforcement, and the governance issues related to both public sector management and privatisation. He has wide knowledge of water technical and operational matters, based on his applied research and development background at the Water Research Centre, where he spent 9 years as Managing Director. Michael has a good understanding of international water matters and advises governments on policy and regulation. He is a Past President of the International Water Association. He is a visiting professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing and at the Shanghai Academy of Social Science. In 2000 he was awarded the CBE (Commander of the British Empire) for his professional services.