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Groundwater Management in Large River Basins

Milan Dimkic Heinz-Jurgen Brauch Michael Kavanaugh

722 pages
IWA Publishing
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This book reviews the state-of-the-art of groundwater management in large river basins, providing an innovative, informative and consistent approach with technical tools for planners, decision makers and engineers. Groundwater Management in Large River Basins provides comprehensive coverage of the basic elements of groundwater management in large river basins, including:
  • Social, economic and legislative framework, goals, practices and possible tools
  • Review of EU groundwater legislation and its implementation
  • Natural groundwater occurrence and natural circumstances and processes
  • Groundwater management and maintenance issues:
    • Role of natural factors in groundwater management
    • Different methods of groundwater abstraction and protection 
    • Groundwater treatment technologies
    • Well ageing and maintenance
    • Nitrate problems, etc. 
  • Groundwater modeling as a tool for groundwater assessment
  • Aquifer restoration
  • A spectrum of technical appendices for engineers, which address groundwater issues 
Also included will be appendices intended to support the work of groundwater engineers. This book will be of interest to groundwater engineers and planners, as well as lecturers and postgraduate and postdoctoral students.