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Principles of Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes

Richard M. Stuetz T Stephenson

224 pages
IWA Publishing
Principles of Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes is the third book in the Water and Wastewater Process Technologies Series. 

The book outlines the principle unit operations that are involved in the separation, degradation and utilisation of organic and inorganic matter during water and wastewater treatment. The module builds on the subjects of chemistry, biology and engineering covered in Process Science and Engineering for Water and Wastewater Treatment (Module 1) and provides a descriptive introduction to unit operations that are further described with design and operational details in later books in the series. 

The text of Principles of Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes has been divided into the following Units:
  • Water Quality 
  • Process Flowsheeting 
  • Physical Processes 
  • Chemical Processes 
  • Sorption Processes 
  • Biological Processes 
  • Membrane Processes 
  • Sludge Treatment Utilisation 
  • Odour Management 
These units have has been designed for individual self-paced study that includes photographs, illustrations and tables and describe the form, function and application of unit operations for the treatment of water and wastewater. Each section of the text gives step-by-step learning in a particular subject, that includes an approximation of how long you will need to spend on that section and provides key points that highlight  the principles of the different sections. Each unit includes exercises to help understand the material in the text, self-assessment questions to test your understanding and text references.