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Urban Hydroinformatics

Data, Models and Decision Support for Integrated Urban Water Management

Zoran Vojinovic Sarah Thorne Roland Price

552 pages
IWA Publishing
Urban Hydroinformatics: Data, Models and Decision Support for Integrated Urban Water Management is an introduction to hydroinformatics applied to urban water management. It shows how to make the best use of information and communication technologies for manipulating information to manage water in the urban environment. The book covers the acquisition and analysis of data from urban water systems to instantiate mathematical models or calculations, which describe identified physical processes. The models are operated within prescribed management procedures to inform decision makers, who are responsible to recognized stakeholders. The application is to the major components of the urban water environment, namely water supply, treatment and distribution, wastewater and storm water collection, treatment and impact on receiving waters and groundwater, and urban flooding. 

Urban Hydroinformatics pays particular attention to modeling, decision support through procedures, economics and management, and implementation in developing countries. The book is written with Post-graduate students, researchers and practicing engineers in all aspects of urban water management in mind. 

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This title is now available in Hardback: please note change of ISBN from 9781843392743 to 9781780401362.