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Energy Efficiency in the Water Industry

Malcolm J. Brandt R. A. Middleton S. Wang

117 pages
IWA Publishing
Available as eBook only. 

Over the last decade, energy consumption by the water sector has increased considerably as a consequence of the implementation of new technologies to meet new potable water and effluent quality standards. The price of energy has also substantially increased and these increases will be compounded by the need for additional energy intensive processes to achieve more exacting regulatory requirements.  

This GWRC Compendium draws together the best practice in energy efficient design and operation of water industry assets. Energy Efficiency in the Water Industry identifies the developments and future opportunities by detailed examination of current best practice and technologies. 

It illustrates:
  • Incremental improvements in energy efficiency through optimisation of existing assets and operations
  • More substantial improvements in energy efficiency from the adoption of novel technologies
  • Successful case studies based on results of full scale operations 
This compendium is an invaluable reference for water engineers, utility managers, and water and energy professionals.