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Arsenic Contamination in the World

Susan Murcott

340 pages
IWA Publishing
Arsenic Contamination in the World: an International Sourcebook provides a global compendium of cited arsenic occurrences in the world as they affect public health. 

This book details arsenic contamination by source, region and arsenic-affected country. Arsenic is identified in 105 countries and territories, representing a larger database than any previous published work. Sources of arsenic contamination are categorized as Anthropogenic, Geogenic, Volcanogenic, Coal, Mining and Petroleum-related. National, regional and international maps locate the affected areas and populations. A synthesis of critical country information includes an estimate of the exposed population of 226 million people worldwide. 

This reference work is an indispensable tool for medical doctors, public health workers, scientists, water experts, governments, industries, non-profit organizations and communities in identifying site-specific arsenic contamination. An extensive bibliography of peer-reviewed literature gives the reader important arsenic contamination locations as the first step towards remediation. This Sourcebook is updatable via an on-line annex which provides up-to-date information on new arsenic occurrences and developments. We invite readers to participate in updating this database at: http://www.iwawaterwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Articles/ExecutiveSummaryofArsenicContaminationintheWorld  By synthesizing the known occurrences of arsenic world-wide, this reference book offers an essential tool for understanding and addressing the global arsenic geological-public health interface. 

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Author: Susan Murcott, Senior Lecturer, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Table of Contents: Executive Summary, African Region, Region of the Americas, Asia Region, European Region, Region of Australia and Oceania.