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Guidance Manual for Separation of Graywater from Blackwater for Graywater Reuse

Sybil Sharvelle

151 pages
IWA Publishing
Available as an eBook only.

Increasing efforts in water conservation have prompted home and business owners to learn more about water reuse. One reuse application of interest is separating graywater (all wastewater excluding kitchen and toilet water) from other wastewater to supplement irrigation demand or toilet flushing. Some states including California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas already allow graywater reuse and many other states are considering it. But graywater reuse is not right for every situation; it is vital to safely separate graywater from blackwater using a dual plumbing system.  

This manual provides guidance on the appropriateness of graywater reuse for homeowners and business owners system.  For those homes and business that are good candidates, this manual provides information, guidance and advice on separating graywater from blackwater for the purpose of graywater reuse. Included in this manual are the technologies and equipment necessary for graywater reuse systems, known maintenance requirements for graywater systems, and best management practices to ensure safe reuse of graywater.