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Agriculture Meteorology and Water Management

302 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Agriculture is one of the human endeavors that is highly dependent on agrometeorology. Agrometeorology, which is short for agricultural meteorology, is a multi-disciplinary endeavor to optimize crop productivity, through understanding atmosphere and related phenomena. This book discusses the general and application importance of agrometeorology. A level of difficulty is added in agrometeorology by its variability. Therefore, this book looks at some aspects of agrometeorology like radiation, energy balance and hydrology and how they affect physical chemical and biology factors in crop and animal farming. The book further provides the reader with some recommendations of how to adjust effect of climate on agricultural products based on crop and animal requirements. There is wide ranges of initiatives and innovations involved in management of climatic effect on agriculture, ranging from affordable to expensive. This book explains some initiatives and innovations that can be applied by small and large farmers and big organizations like governments in trying to achieve food security. Agrometeorology management can complex or easy and affordable or costly, this book shows the collaborative approach to advice technical processes, resource exploitation and land use for adequate inclusive sustainable agrometeorology management strategies.
Author Bio
Nekesah T. Wafullah is a skilled agriculture expert from Kenya with extensive knowledge in agricultural energy value addition products, agricultural business management services, project management, various forms of fertilizer, their production, sales, marketing aspects and application regimes; cross border fertilizer trade policies; youth and women empowerment and volunteerism. She is adept at project planning and management as well as creating simple solutions to complex problems. She has experience within agricultural markets in Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)- Bukavu and Lubumbashi and Uganda. She mentors high school and college students and advocates for better performance in Agricultural science. During her free time, she loves editing books, watching movies, cooking, baking, networking, reading and dancing. Nekesah holds an M Sc. In Agricultural and Applied Economics degree from the University of Nairobi with a major in International Trade and Policy.