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Data Structures with C Programming

Anil Kumar Yadav Vinod Kumar Yadav

332 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Data Structures with C Programming examines various concepts related to structuring of data giving brief overview about them. It starts with explanation data structures that are utilized to store data in a computer in an organized form. It includes different types of data structure using C language. Provides the reader with insights into the data structuring and C programming to enable efficient access and modification of data.
Author Bio
Mr. Anil Kumar Yadav has done his B.Tech (CSE), M.Tech (I.T) and PhD (Computer Science and Engineering) in the area of Machine Learning specialization in Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He has filed patent on topic Machine Learning, “Method for Reinforcement Learning,”. He has been teaching data structures and Artificial intelligence over the last 13 years at under graduate and post graduate levels. With over a decade of teaching experience in the engineering institutions, he has exemplified his work at various designations. His research interests include data structures, deep learning , machine learning algorithms specially reinforcement learning, computational intelligence, computer vision and image processing, brain computer/machine interface, intelligent informatics, soft-computing in modeling and control, cognitive science. He has presented papers at national and international conferences and published several papers in international journals and also attended several workshops. He is also a reviewer of some of the international journal and conferences.