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Crystallization Process and Technology

Rose Marie O. Mendoza

277 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Crystallization is a key technique for separation and purification of substances as well as for product design in chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological process industries. It is vital in many aspects of food preparation and storage, as well as in producing and refining the ingredients for foods and everyday use products. Crystallization is also employed to purify sugars and fats, in addition to change the texture of things such as ice cream, fondant, fudge, and chocolate. Controlling crystallization is important when freezing foods. Crystallization occurs in nature like water freezing and snowflakes formation, stalactites/stalagmites, rings formation, natural (mineral) crystal formation, removing sucrose from beet solutions, removing KCl from an aqueous solution.This book gives a clear, concise, balanced and up to date presentation of crystallization and solid-liquid separation of the crystalline product. Addressing topics that reflect key applications and recent trends of crystallization; it contains separation and formulation of drug or nutrition components in pharmaceutical and food industry, crystallization issues in medical applications, crystallization process design in production of bulk chemicals. A number of topics are concerned with particle and shape engineering by additives or controlled nucleation, displaying the ongoing interest in defining a specific product quality by crystallization. Ultimate problems of crystallization such as quantifying and understanding phase equilibria and admixture effects, elucidating growth mechanisms, and altering the growth behavior are addressed. The aim of the book is to outline the vital aspects of crystallization theory and practice, together with some closely associated topics.
Author Bio
Dr. Rose obtained her PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of the Philippines-Diliman in 2013. She is also a Professor in the Graduate School Department under the Master of Engineering Program at Adamson University since 2006, and is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Environmental Engineering and Science, and the Department of Environmental Resource Management in Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science, Tainan Taiwan since 2010. She is now taking up her Post Doctorate Degree in Green Power: Hydrogen Generation and Fuel Cell Development at the University of Philippines-Diliman under the Department of Mining, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering and the University of California, Merced, USA under the Department of Mechanical Engineering.