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Receiving Christ - In Five Different Ways

York Courses

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'To all who received him . . . he gave power to become children of God.' (John 1.12.)

This raises big questions. Aren't we all children of God anyway? Just how can we receive Christ? And what does it mean to have 'a relationship with God'?

In a course crammed with discussable questions, John Young teases out from the New Testament at least three different ways in which we receive Christ. John's course booklet is supplemented on the course audio by four leading Christians: the Anglican Bishop of Leeds, Nick Baines, Leaderships Development consultant, the Revd Margaret Sentamu, Methodist minister, the Revd Ken Howcroft, and the RC Sister, Theodora Hawksley. Together they demonstrate that St John's theology in his magisterial Gospel has very practical implications for our day-to-day lives.

The four sessions focus on:

Session 1: The God who hears our cry
Session 2: The Shepherd who guides and guards his people
Session 3: The Son who is the Way, the Truth and the Life
Session 4: The God who shares our pain
Session 5: The God who calms our fears

This York Course is available in the following formats
Course Book (Paperback 9781909107144)
Course Book (eBook 9781915843197)
Audio Book of Interview to support Receiving Christ York Course (CD 9781915843128)
Audio Book of Interview (Digital Download 9781915843111)
Transcript of interview to support Receiving Christ York Course (Paperback 9781909107151)
Transcript of interview (eBook 9781915843203)
Book Pack (9781739182076 Featuring Paperback Course Book, Audio Book on CD and Paperback Transcript of Interview)
Large print (9781739182083)

Author Bio
John Young is a Canon Emeritus of York Minster and Co-Founder of York Courses. His work has been translated into several languages, including Chinese and Russian.