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Opiate Jane

Jessica K. Baker

224 pages
KiCam Projects LLC

Jane is a magnet. A magnet for addicts. First, there was her mother, a constant disappointment whose penchant for drugs left Jane and her four-year-old sister, Lizzie, in foster care. Now, relocated with her fractured family to the Middle of Nowhere, Ohio, Jane is learning that the too-good-to-be-true boy she's fallen for has a drug problem of his own.

Jane tries to make peace with Landon's drug use, even though she knows she'll never really be able to trust her boyfriend or let her guard down again. Is there anyone she can rely on, or is she doomed to be a loner, looking out for her little sister while keeping her feelings locked inside?

Opiate Jane is a moving portrait of a girl who simply wants to know that she means more to the people she loves than their addictions do.

A timely piece of fiction, Opiate Jane is rooted in the author's own experiences with addicted loved ones.

Author Bio

Jessica K. Baker drew upon her personal experiences with loved ones battling addiction as she wrote her first book, Opiate Jane. Jessica also spent five years working in the addiction field as a counseling assistant and a social work assistant. Jessica, who has a degree in human and social services and is pursuing a second degree in business administration, shares her life in Ohio with her teen-aged daughter, Annie.