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The Three-Dimensional Leader

A Biblical, Spiritual, and Practical Guide to Christian Leadership

224 pages
Lexham Press
A comprehensive manual for Christian leadership

Christian leaders need biblical character, spiritual power, and practical skills. Yet, often one of these aspects is overemphasized and the others are neglected. The Three-Dimensional Leader: A Biblical, Spiritual, and Practical Guide to Christian Leadership recognizes that these traits need to be unified in Christian leaders. Jesus exemplified these most effectively, so we must look to him for our vision of leadership.

Authors Rod Dempsey, Dave Earley, and Adam McClendon bring together their decades of experience developing disciples into leaders for the work of the kingdom. The Three-Dimensional Leader provides a biblical basis, practical examples, and a helpful assessment tool that directs the Christian leader toward growth.
Author Bio
Rod Dempsey is professor of educational ministries at Rawlings School of Divinity, Liberty University. He has decades of experience in ministry and leadership training. His life purpose is to be a multiplier of multipliers. He is the author of Spiritual Formation Is … and Leading Healthy, Growing, Multiplying Small Groups (with Dave Earley).

Dave Earley
is assistant professor of pastoral leadership at Liberty University, pastor of First Baptist Church, and founder of Dave Earley Ministries. He has planted two churches and is a sought-after conference speaker. He has written over forty books, including Pastoral Leadership Is… and Disciple Making Is… (with Rod Dempsey).

Adam McClendon
is associate dean of residential programs at Rawlings School of Divinity, Liberty University, and founder and director of New Line Ministries. He is the author of Square One: Back to the Basics and Timeless Church: Five Lessons from Acts.