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What Grace Is

Meditations on the Mercy of Our God

136 pages
Lexham Press

Meditations on grace from a biblical scholar

Grace is not limited to God. If one of God’s characteristics is grace, it should be one of ours also.

Grace runs throughout Christian Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. But as we read the Bible, we might miss the depth of what grace truly is and what it means for us.

In What Grace Is, biblical scholar Craig A. Evans invites us to look at grace throughout the Bible, going deep in examples from the book of Genesis and the Gospel of Luke. Bringing together biblical insight and personal wisdom, this short book will give readers a new appreciation for grace in action—acts of kindness and mercy exemplifying the kind of grace that can only be described as divine. We live in an angry and fractured world that desperately needs more of this grace. What Grace Is encourages us to meditate on the divine grace we have received and extend that same grace to others.

Author Bio

Craig A. Evans is the John Bisagno Distinguished Professor of Christian Origins in the School of Christian Thought of Houston Baptist University. He has published ninety books, spoken at conferences and universities around the world, and appeared in several television documentaries and news programs.