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God's Israel and the Israel of God

Paul and Supersessionism

Michael F. Bird Scot McKnight

168 pages
Lexham Press
Paul and Jewish identity after Christ

Paul believed Israel's Messiah had come. But what does this mean for Israel? Debate rages over Paul and supersessionism: the question of whether—and if so, to what extent—the new covenant in Christ replaces God's "old" covenant with Israel. Discussion of supersessionism carries much historical, theological, and political baggage, complicating attempts at dialogue.

God's Israel and the Israel of God: Paul and Supersessionism pursues fruitful discussion by listening to a variety of perspectives. Scot McKnight, Michael F. Bird, and Ben Witherington III consider supersessionism from political, biblical, and historical angles, each concluding that if Paul believed Jesus was Israel's Messiah, then some degree of supersessionism is unavoidable. Lynn H. Cohick, David J. Rudolph, Janelle Peters, and Ronald Charles respond to the opening essays and offer their own perspectives.

Readers of God's Israel and the Israel of God will gain a broader understanding of the debate, its key texts, and the factors that shaped Paul's view of Israel.
Author Bio
Michael F. Bird is academic dean and lecturer in theology at Ridley College, Australia, and author of numerous books, including An Anomalous Jew and Introducing Paul.

Scot McKnight is Julius R. Mantey Chair of New Testament at Northern Seminary, Illinois, and author of numerous books, including Reading Romans Backwards.