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Hidden and Revealed

The Doctrine of God in the Reformed and Eastern Orthodox Traditions

Dmytro Bintsarovskyi

376 pages
Lexham Press
A major contribution to ecumenical reflection on the doctrine of God.

The past century has seen renewed interest in the doctrine of God. While theological traditions disagree, their shared commitment to Nicene orthodoxy provides a common language for thinking and speaking about God. This dialogue has deepened our understanding of this shared way of thinking about God, but little has been done across ecumenical lines to explore God's hiddenness in revelation.

In Hidden and Revealed, Dmytro Bintsarovskyi explores the hiddenness and revelation of God in two separate theological streams—Reformed and Orthodox. Bintsarovskyi shows that an understanding of both traditions reflects a deep structure of shared language, history, and commitments, while nevertheless reflecting real differences. With Herman Bavinck and John Meyendorff as his guides, Bintsarovskyi advances ecumenical dialogue on a doctrine central to our knowledge of God.
Author Bio
Dmytro Bintsarovskyi (PhD, Theologische Universiteit Kampen) is a Post--Doctoral Research Fellow at the Neo--Calvinism Research Institute of the Theologische Universiteit Kampen.