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Living in God’s True Story

2 Peter

Donald L. Morcom Craig G. Bartholomew David J. H. Beldman

128 pages
Lexham Press

We all need a reminder of the true story at the heart of the gospel.

In the face of false teachers and skeptics, Peter wrote his second epistle to remind his readers of God’s true story. They needed to be reoriented to the truth of their identity and status in Christ. Christians continue to experience similar challenges to our spiritual foundations today.

In Living in God’s True Story: 2 Peter, Donald L. Morcom shows that remembering the truth is the core theme of Peter’s second letter. In the midst of false alternatives, he encourages believers to live faithful lives that demonstrate love and wisdom. Though it may be short, 2 Peter is an impactful letter that explains how we can order our lives in accordance with God’s true story.

Author Bio
Donald ("D") Morcom lives in Brisbane, Australia, and is lecturer in New Testament and Greek at Malyon Theological College, an affiliated institution of the Australian College of Theology.