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The Federal Theology of Jonathan Edwards

An Exegetical Perspective

Gilsun Ryu

368 pages
Lexham Press
The Christ-centered exegesis of Jonathan Edwards
Jonathan Edwards is remembered for his sermons and works of theology and philosophy--but he has been overlooked as an exegete.
Gilsun Ryu's The Federal Theology of Jonathan Edwards explores how exegesis drove Edwards's focus on the headship of Christ as second Adam--and likewise formed a foundation for his broader theological reasoning and writing, especially on Christ and the covenants. Edwards's distinctive emphases on exegesis, redemptive history, and the harmony of Scripture distinguish him from his Reformed forebears.
Ryu's study will help readers appreciate Edwards's contribution as an exegetically informed Reformed theologian.
Author Bio
Gilsun Ryu (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is adjunct professor at Kukje Theological University and Seminary in South Korea.