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Freed to Be God’s Family

The Book of Exodus

104 pages
Lexham Press
Family provides community, identity, and shared values.

In the book of Exodus, God frees Israel from slavery to Egypt. But they are not left as orphans. Rather, the redeemed are made into a new family--God's family. In Freed to be God's Family, Mark R. Glanville argues that the central motif of Exodus is community. God wants a healthy, dynamic relationship with the redeemed. As family members, Israel is called to learn God's ways and reflect God's character to the world.

Freed to be God's Family is a concise and accessible guide to the message and themes of Exodus. Each chapter keeps the big picture central and provides probing questions for reflection and discussion.
Author Bio
Mark R. Glanville is associate professor of pastoral theology at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia, and author of Adopting the Stranger as Kindred in Deuteronomy. Mark has also pastored for over a decade in Canada and Australia.