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A Structural, Thematic, and Exegetical Commentary

Aaron Sherwood

936 pages
Lexham Press
Paul's majestic letter to the Romans has impacted generations of readers. Christians regularly turn to it as a foundation for doctrine, evangelism, and Christian living. However, individual verses are often pulled from their context or later doctrinal formulations are imported into the text. Are we truly following Paul's meaning? What if we reread Romans on its own terms, with sensitivity to its flow and structure?

Aaron Sherwood's Romans commentary keeps Paul's argument central. As we encounter the letter's message and theology, the forest is never lost for the trees. Reading Romans with rhetorical perception results in illuminating and sometimes surprising conclusions.

Encounter afresh this majestic letter with Sherwood's insightful commentary.
Author Bio
Aaron Sherwood (PhD, Durham University) is an Instructor for Regent College and the author of Paul and The Restoration of Humanity in Light of Ancient Jewish Traditions.