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Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus

How the Torah Fulfills Its Goal in Yeshua

Seth Postell

128 pages
Lexham Press

This book addresses the questions about the believer's relationship to the Torah (the five Books of Moses, or the Pentateuch) and its commandments (the Law):

  • Since Jesus kept the Law, are believers (Jewish and Gentile) also obliged to keep the Law, or at least some portions of it (Sabbath, the food laws, etc.)?
  • What about the Oral Law (rabbinic traditions)?
  • How does the Torah point to the Messiah?
  • How do we apply the Law of Moses today?

Though this book is based on more than a decade of academic research, it is written with the non-academic reader in mind and provides easy-to-understand answers to the questions related to the Torah and does so in a manner thoroughly rooted in a careful reading of the biblical text.

Author Bio
Seth Postell (Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible) is the academic dean at One For Israel's Bible College, Israel College of the Bible. He is the author of Adam as Israel: Genesis 1-3 as the Introduction to Torah and Tanak.

Eitan Bar (DMin) is One For Israel's director of media and evangelism.

Erez Soref (Ph.D. in psychology) is the president of One For Israel's Bible College.

Seth, Eitan, and Erez are all Jewish Israeli believers in Yeshua (Jesus).