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The Progressive Mystery

Tracing the Elusive Spirit in Scripture and Tradition

Myk Habets

240 pages
Lexham Press

A careful exploration of how the identity and mission of the Holy Spirit have been progressively revealed throughout Holy Scripture and then interpreted by the Church. The Progressive Mystery describes how the Spirit has been revealed, understood, and interpreted throughout the sweep of Holy Scripture and the ways in which the orthodox understanding of the mission of the Holy Spirit has developed. An ideal entrée into the study of pneumatology, it introduces readers to the complex history of the theology of the Holy Spirit. Ideal for students, it takes its place among other introductions to pneumatology, as a readable and reliable guide to an elusive topic.

Author Bio
Myk Habets is Dean of Faculty, Head of Carey Graduate School, and lecturer in systematic theology at Carey Baptist College in Auckland, New Zealand. Among his many publications are Third Article Theology, Theology in Transposition, The Anointed Son, and The Spirit of Truth.