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Milestones of the Master

Crucial Events in the Life of Jesus and Why They Matter So Much

Warren W. Wiersbe

176 pages
Lexham Press
A satisfying and enriching study of the 12 most important events in the life of Jesus. The author of more than 150 books and a beloved Bible teacher and former pastor, Warren Wiersbe explains the meaning of each event in the ministry of Jesus, and goes one step further to show the personal significance of each momentous event of the most important person who ever lived.
Author Bio
Warren W. Wiersbe has been a pastor, conference speaker, and a prolific writer of Christian literature and theological works for more than 50 years. A gifted Bible teacher, Wiersbe is perhaps best known for his series of BE commentaries and the editor of The Life Transformation Study Bible (Tyndale). He is the author of around 150 books.